On Call Nurse

We realize kids seldomly get sick strictly between the hours of nine and five, which is why we have a nurse on call 24/7, including weekends and holidays. Unlike many after-hours services, our registered nurses aren't in a call center, they are nurses who work in the clinic and are familiar with your children, and who you know and trust. These experienced nurses can offer home-care advice, schedule an after-hours appointment with the on-call physician, or refer you to the emergency room if necessary. When in doubt, call. By calling you can often avoid unnecessary trips to urgent care or the emergency room, saving you both time and money, but most of all offering reassurance and peace of mind.

Some Things Can Wait

Although our nurses are here to help 24/7, there are some non-urgent questions that can wait until regular business hours to be addressed:

  • It's always the best practice to see a patient before prescribing any medications. For that reason, our providers do not call in medications without seeing your child first.
  • Our nurses do not have access to the computer system, so they cannot schedule appointments, answer any billing questions, or refill medications.

Please don't hesitate to call if you have any concerns about your child. To further assist you in caring for your child, we provide access to a symptom checker as well as dosage charts for common medications.