Color Country Pediatrics follows the guidelines developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics called Bright Futures. This detailed guide provides theory-based and evidence-driven guidance for all preventive care screenings and well-child visits.

The Importance of Regular Well Checks

Many parents ask if well checks are necessary if their child is older or current on their immunizations? The answer is yes. Regular scheduled well checks are vital to your child's growth both physically and developmentally. Well checks are a great opportunity for you and your child's primary care provider to review the overall health of your child. Your provider may notice small changes that may indicate an emerging problem that they might not have observed otherwise. These small changes might only require a little extra monitoring, or they may require intervention, both of which are more effective when implemented sooner. 

Well Child Checks are a great chance for us to get to know your child (our favorite part of our job!), as well as for your child to get to know their physician. Continuity of care is something we strive for at Color Country Pediatrics. This means your child sees their primary care provider as often as possible, but especially at their well checks. This allows for not only a better health assessment, but also more opportunities for your child to become familiar with their physician. Building a trusting and compassionate relationship is important to us to help your child feel more comfortable in our office. Parents are encouraged to ask questions and be actively involved in the healthcare of your child. We feel that this team approach of a medical home provides the absolute best care for our patients.

Preventative Well Check Schedule

Color Country Pediatrics follows the schedule developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

  • 3-5 days Examination, Jaundice evaluation and discussion of feeding issues
  • 2 weeks Examination and Newborn Screening
  • 2 months Screening exam
  • 4 months Screening exam
  • 6 months Screening exam
  • 9 months Screening exam
  • 12 months Screening exam, blood iron test
  • 15 months Screening exam
  • 18 months Screening exam, MCHAT (pdf link) developmental screening
  • 24 months Screening exam 
  • 3 years Screening exam 
  • Annual Screening exam

Children may also receive vaccinations at their preventative well checks. Visit our immunization section for recommended vaccine schedule and educational information.